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At Home In My Body
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Covers of At Home in my Body CDs 4 and 5 (English version)
Covers of At Home in my Body CDs 1,2 and 3 (English version)

About the CD Series

AT HOME IN MY BODY is a series of spoken-word CDs by Connemara-based priest Pádraig Ó Fátharta. In the midst of profound social change Pádraig invites us to stop for a moment and provides us with reflections and practices to bring our bodies and minds into harmony.

At Home In My Body was recently featured in RTÉ's Nationwide - see the Media page. All five recordings, Reconnecting, Rest, Healing, Breath and Here and Now, are available. More about the CD Series →

Now Available in Digital form

All the tracks and CDs are now available as digital downloads and for digital streaming on Spotify, iTunes, and 7Digital. Search for 'Pádraig Ó Fátharta' under 'artist'.

Audio Samples:

CD 1: Reconnecting (4 min extract):

CD 2: Rest (10 min extract):

CD 3: Healing (5 min extract):

CD 4: Breath (4 min extract):

CD 5: Here and Now (5 min extract):

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